Techmill offers T24™ Services in the following areas:

  • Implementation
  • Upgrades
  • Local Developments and Off-shore Services
  • Training
  • Testing


  • Design based on the Requirements and GAP analysis
  • System Installation and System Build
  • Application Parameterisation
  • Data Migration
  • Local Customization
  • Interfaces Development


Techmill Consultants has vast experience in T24™/GLOBUS™ upgrades from G12 onwards to the latest Release of T24™. Techmill has developed a well defined Upgrade Process. Our expertise and capabilities ensure successful transition to T24™.

Local Developments:

Techmill has delivered many local developments covering Interfaces, specific needs of Retail, Corporate and Private Banking customers. Where required for essential additional system function, we develop comprehensive bespoke software to produce complete solutions that meet overall business requirements and yield a measurable return on investment. Techmill can undertake development projects off-shore which reduces the cost of development.


Training is an key factor and a key part of our implementation strategy. We believe that training will provide the necessary knowledge and build capabilities for smooth transition from any system.

Techmill offers quality on-site and off-shore T24™ training programs. The programs primarily focus on imparting the knowledge and skills necessary to keep pace with the implemented system and solutions.

Techmill can provide extensive Technical, Functional and ‘Need Based’ training in T24™ at client and off-site locations.

Skill Sets:

  • Application Consultants with more than 10 years of Experience in Temenos Globus/ T24™
  • Technical Consultants with over 10 years of Experience in Temenos Globus/ T24™
  • Analyst Programmers with 2 to 4 years of Experience in Temenos Globus/ T24™
  • Business / Functional Consultants with over 10 Years of Banking and over 5 Years of Experience in Temenos Globus/ T24™.

Techmill offers T24™ Services in the following areas:

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